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food photography

Food photography creating 'mouthwatering' images.

YRSFood, Glasgow Food PhotographY Studio

    YRSFood. Glasgow Food Photographer.

YRSFood. Glasgow Food Photography Studio

YRSFOOD. Glasgow Food Photography Studio.

A food photography specialist, working throughout the food chain - field to fork - so to speak, with local food producers, restaurants and publishers, as well as the media and marketing or PR agencies that use the images for clients and promotional purposes.

The studio works mainly onsite as we often have perisable products to shoot or chef is most at home in their own kitchen. So we bring everything to the client shoot. Should we have the luxury of shooting back at the studio we have the chilling and storeage facilities to keep your produce in top condition. We also collect your products if delicate (cheesecakes!!) or perishable.


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Call us on 07790 545990 or 07436 596343

YRSFood, Glasgow Food Photography.

YRSFood. Food Photography Glasgow.

Food photography studio. YRSFood, are a Glasgow based food and drink photography studio working extensively throughout Glasgow & the Central Belt.



YRSFood. we're not too big, just big ambitions.


YRSFood. Glasgow Food Photography


YRSFood, Glasgow Food Photography.

YRSFood. Glasgow Menu, Restaurant, Food Packaging & Product Photography Studio

YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio) is based in the Highlands. We work throughout Glasgow & the Central Belt. We work with restaurant owners, food producers, media and PR, creating images for product, menu & editorial needs, as well as for media & designer uses all over Glasgow & the Central Belt.

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YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio), Inverness & Glasgow specialist food photography and stylist studio.
Food photographer working throughout Glasgow & the Central Belt. Specialist food photography studio, creating and styling food images for producers, bloggers, publishers and restaurants.
Glasgow specialist - Commercial, Product and Food Photographer. 07790 545990 or 07436 596343 Glasgow Email: enquiries (@)