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food photographer

A food photographer. And a foodie.

YRSFood, Glasgow Food Photographer

    YRSFood. Glasgow Food Photographer.

YRSFood. specialist Food photography studio.

  • Glasgow Food Product Photography Examples.
    Food Product Photographer

    Creating images the length of the food chain and in hospitality.

  • Glasgow Food, Menu & Restaurant Photography Examples
    Menu & restaurant Photographer

    Creating clipped and advertising or lifestyle images for products.

  • Glasgow Food Premises & Food Production Photography Examples.
    Food Premises Photographer

    creating images for hospitality, designers and architects.

  • Glasgow Food Publishing & Food Blogging Photography Examples.
    Food publishing Photographer

    Creating images for branding, promotion and communications.


YRSFood, specialist food photographer & stylist.

We have a specialist food photography side to the studio - a specialist food photographer running food photography shoots throughout Scotland.

Food photography? To YRSFood, that means menu, product, packaging and editorial images - the full spectrum including a new and rising side to our business - food blogging and recipe clients. We have worked with many types of food business and restaurant throughout Scotland - you can find examples in our case study library - But this area of work doesn't just include menu and restaurant work. We also work with agriculture and food production clients. Their requirements stretch beyond the 'dish' often to field work (literally!!) and also consumable products. Our images extend the whole spectrum, so the studio work includes pack-shot as well as images for use in advertising, recipe book/card publication, menu use and yes, food blogging for chefs who are great in the kitchen but not too happy with a camera.

Why is food photography different?

Being a food photography studio means we simply think food - yes, acknowledged food junkies whether it be field or fork, menu or food product, blogging or food packaging. Whilst trying to manage our waist lines, we also get enthusiastic about plates, cutlery, table cloths... need we say more. We think food images.

As a studio we have invested in a wide range of props, cloths and ceramics, back drops and fabrics to bring any food work we do to a style you require. We style much of the work ourselves but are happy to recommend a stylist we have worked with in the past or engage any new stylist you have already employed. As for restaurant work, we enjoy working from the hip with chef - yes, working on a selection from the day's menu, finding a great location in the establishment to shoot and then - often providing the entertainment for diners as we shoot while they eat!

When working with food and beverage clients we offer two options - working in our studio or on site With on site, we bring the studio to you, creating a commercial photography environment on your premises that gives you a little more freedom to create dishes or explore products and ingredients. In some cases we will take product back to our custom built product studios - but this depends on the product. We will produce a series of food and drink photographs that explore the subject or the premises (if a restaurant) and present these to you on an online proofing portal. All the food and drink images taken are yours, no matter how many are taken. The price quoted is always fixed price with no additional expenses charged.


YRSFood, Glasgow Food Photography.

YRSFood - Glasgow Menu, Restaurant, Food Packaging & Product Photography Studio

YRSFood (Your Reflection Studio) is based in the Highlands. We work throughout Glasgow & the Central Belt. We work with restaurant owners, food producers, media and PR, creating images for product, menu and editorial needs as well as for media and designer uses all over Glasgow & the Central Belt.

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